Only The Best of Latin America

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Our Story

Founded in 2018, after noticing the lack of trust that exists in Latin American suppliers and the need for a reliable platform which connects the best of LATAM suppliers with the world.

What is Nao?

Nao is the first B2B marketplace which is exclusive and focuses on suppliers from Latin America, guaranteeing the origin of their products and promoting safe business.

A different marketplace

Our goal is to provide SMEs with the necessary tools to thrive in international markets through our added value services; Nao Exports and Nao Logistics


How it works

 Beyond a B2B marketplace

Nao provides low cost Export and Logistics services to SMEs all over Latin America.

  • Suppliers focus on their product quality

  • Our outsourcing services result in lower operating costs and higher efficiency.

  • Many SMEs in LATAM lack of the know how required to export.

Safety, our main commitment

Nao does default supplier verification to ensure a trust relation between buyer and seller. 

  1. Just search for the product you´re interested in and select a supplier.

2. Compare different  trustworthy suppliers and offers.

3. Close the deal and trade.


Doing Business in Latin America

Before Nao
After Nao


Buyers from all around the world have to travel all the way to LATAM countries in order to trust suppliers.


Suppliers are rewarded for honest business practices and in case there´s any dispute or fraud, they could face legal action in their respective country.

No accountability

During trade disputes or fraud cases it would be extremely hard if not impossible to get your money back.


Nao will verify registered suppliers, grade them, and offer as well deeper background checks,

Broker Markup

Buyers regularly go to brokers who might charge a premium up to 30% of the real value of the goods

Direct Contact

No middleman fee, no brokers needed. Better prices for the end buyer.


Aquiles Serdan 25, Colonia Centro, Hermosillo, México

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